One sunny day, I’ve decided to blog ✿

Let’s start this blog with the clichéd ABOUT ME:

Freesia Lockheart lives in one of the tropical islands in an archipelago located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Often times, you’ll see her going out in the morning for work, and comes back home before the sun sets, or at times, after it settles down. And during weekends, she goes to church and spends the rest of the day sleeping… uhmm… she means writing.

She graduated with a degree in Medical Technology, far from being a writer. But after years of ‘soul searching’, she finds out that what she really wants is to be a writer.A scientist by heart, she loves trying out new things, as you can see how diverse her writing topics are. She’ll go from humor to historical fiction to fantasy to sappy romances to mysteries. She’ll try anything. She even considered giving sci-fi a go, maybe something that involves viruses or different microorganism mutations since it’s supposed to be her specialty being a medical laboratory scientist herself.

But her favorite will and always be humor and romance stories. She loves to laugh and take things lightly. Tear-jerker stories are not her thing cause she cries easily. But if well-written and done amazingly, she’ll consider giving it a try, once in a while. She’s also into chick-lit stories. She just loves them so much that she can read a book or two in a day without stopping. And she’s also fond of rom-com movies and dramas.

When she’s not writing, she’s probably glued to a book, watching a drama or tv series, chatting with friends, idling around, staring at space, listening to music, or sleeping. Her life is pretty much boring, but she swears she’s having a good time living that way. She’s just a simple person who only wants to enjoy the life that she’s been given.

She has a thing for flowers and she sure loves them so much. For her, they’re the prettiest thing in the world. Being close to nature, she takes care of a fortune bamboo in her room. And they’ve been together for about two years now. And she also has a teddy named Ashe. That’s not her real name but she forgot her real name, that’s why.

She loves being creative, as it is an excuse for doing crazy things without even explaining. It’s an art, she often says. Sometimes her work turns out well, like making a photo frame for her friends from a pot and used notebook wires. She has some other creations that she already forgot about. You’ll probably see them in one of her friend’s room cause she loves giving it to them. Her motto is “If you can make one, why do you have to buy?” And her other motto is, “Nothing’s a trash unless you call it as one.” So there, you can just imagine what she has in her ‘treasure’ box.

Her lifetime wish is to see a shooting star. Growing up with a not so 20-20 vision, her childhood was pretty much a blur, literally. So whenever someone said that there was a shooting star, she just stared blankly at the blurred skies, wishing to see more. Sigh. But she has contact lenses now and she can see well. Kudos to whoever created contact lens. She really doesn’t use her glasses outdoors since she gets dizzy if she steps out of their house wearing one. She tried and she fell down the ground, just kidding! She’s also a klutz at times, unintentionally. But still, it catches attention, like slowly falling down the stairs. It happened to her twice. Slowly, like she knows she’s falling but can’t do a thing about it. Funny, right. Be her friend in real life and you’ll know how crazy she is.

And yes, her friends call her crazy. She’s really a quiet type of person, prefer not to speak. But when she does, she spurts out crazy ideas. They’re just ideas, she often tells herself. But all her friends find them funny. She doesn’t even know why. So at times when she’s not with her group of friends, she refrains herself from speaking what she has in mind. And so other people find her normal.

Her motto in life is “Only believe”.

She’s just a girl who wants to touch hearts by writing. You can find her works in Wattpad. She has two accounts, for some odd reason that she can’t even explain.

And she hopes to hear from you soon. So don’t hesitate to say hi to her or send her a message. She promises to reply whenever she can 🙂

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