Do-It-Yourself Trailers (My Wattpad Diary 4)

I’m a do it yourself person. I love trying out stuff and figuring out how things work. And because of that, I learned how to make trailers too. I first did this when I was in college. Our group doesn’t have excess money to spend on getting our mini-movie for literature edited. So I kind of volunteered in editing instead of acting and such. It was hard at first, for like the the first few days of figuring out how the Movie Maker works. But after I got to know everything, it became a lot easier.

That’s how everything works at first. It’s hard and intimidating. But you’ll never learn unless you try, right?

So here I’ll show you all how to use the Movie Maker and create your own trailer. Here’s my fourth addition to my Wattpad diary and I hope this will help all those wattpadders who are asking me how I make those trailers.

In this blog, I’ll talk about making clips and trailers for your story. Don’t expect me to discuss complicated and totally pro clips or ads. I only make simple trailers that I’m sure everyone can easily do on their own.

First, in order to make a trailer or clip, you need to have a theme. It’s like attending a wedding or your friend’s birthday bash. A theme makes the whole thing a bit special and extraordinary.

Theme Song

Background music creates the mood for your story. It speaks, in its own way, what your story will be about. So in choosing the song, select one that will be appropriate for your story. Or better if you have a particular song that inspired the whole story plot you have in mind, like the way I do most of the time.

I’ll show you some examples:

ღ Humor Story about a jock who is so full of himself.

“King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles

ღ Romance Story about a guy who fell in love with a dying girl.

“Tonight” by Fm Static

ღ Science Fiction about a girl falling in love with a superbug.

“Decode” by Paramore

ღ Action Story about a girl who was kidnapped and fell in love with her kidnapper.

“My Immortal” by Evanescence

ღ Teen Fiction about a nerdy girl and a hot guy next door.

“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift

I know you guys have more appropriate songs in mind, but that’s the best I can come up with haha. Okay, so when you have the theme song, you can now decide whether to use a certain part of it, the whole length of the song, or a mash-up of different ones. It’s all up to you.

For me, I use a certain part of it like two verses and the chorus since most of my trailers are only one or two minutes long. And it works better that way, I found out, rather than doing the whole song itself.

Theme of the Story

Think what the story’s about. If it’s dark, make the colors or background images/clips eerie. When you’re making a light and humorous story, play with the pastel colors. It just needs to be in accordance to the story itself. Remember that your trailer introduces your story. You don’t want to scare readers by creating a spooky trailer with mysterious vibes oozing all around it when your story is about summer love with humor as the main category.


When you’re finished finalizing the themes of your story. It’s time to choose clips that you’ll use. I use movies since I have tons of them being a pronounced movie addict myself. I use the ones I think suit the story I’m creating.

In example, for Like Yesterday, I have chosen the movie Soul Surfer because the story is about a very inspirational surfer, Bethany Hamilton. And being a surfer, the movie was set in a beach which I needed in creating the summer love-hate story of Jace and Reese. There are other clips I used, like random videos of Josh Hutcherson, to bring Jace to life as well.

Another example is the one for Getting It Straight. The first clip is from Sydney White, where the lead girl is a redhead, sort of. And Fiona is an original redhead. Then for the middle part, there’s Prom, Step Up 2, and still Sydney White because they were the ones I found to have clips who showed school happenings. And of course, there was Ariana Grande’s music video, Put Your Hearts Up, which I really loved and used as well because Ariana was listed as the Fiona in the cast.

In choosing the clips to use, picture your story in your mind. If it will be made into the movie, what are the things that you want to show in the trailer? Will it be a scene at the beach? Or probably, it could be lockers, boards, chemistry lab, where some scenes from your story will take place. Or if you’re creating a mystery, it can be something like silhouettes of creepy guys following someone. Create a visualization in your head and choose some clips from movies you’ve watched before that can be used for it.

Captions and Sequence

Your trailer needs to have a story. What do you want to say to your viewers? The captions can be the summary of your story or a totally different stuff. It can be words exchanged by the leads that will be the highlight of the story later on. Or if you want, you can make something like a teaser.

Here’s an example:

I don’t want you to go. (caption 1)

Clip of a girl looking at her window.

I don’t think I can. (caption 2)

The girl turns around.

But you told me you have to.

You said you have to. (caption 3)

She started walking.

And if by going you’ll find what you’re looking for, (caption 4)

She curls up in bed.

then I’ll have no choice but to let go. (caption 5)

She hugs her pillow.

I’ll let go, even if all I wanted to do is hold on. (caption 6)

She cries.

It can be something like that. Either ways, it has to follow a sequence, like the captions themselves can stand on their own.

And that’s about it. Those are the elements you needed in making a trailer. Next, we’ll talk about creating the trailer itself. For this one, you need a program or an application that you can use. Here’s the one I use:

All aboard. Now we’re ready. Let’s go and create a trailer!

1. Upload the clips you wanted to use using the Add Videos/Photos option. The first feature we’ll use is the Video Tools. There are several things you must take note here.

SPLIT – Use this to split a whole video clip into pieces. It’s like cutting your favorite cake and getting the slice you wanted.

SPLITTER – First, put this where you want your clip to begin. Click SPLIT. Then, put it a the end of the clip you have chosen to use. Clikc SPLIT. And ola, there you have your piece of cake, I mean clip!

Do this until you get all the clips you wanted to use for the trailer. Go and grab all those pieces of cake!

2. Add the Music

In the Home button, choose this option. Just click it and choose the song you wanted to use. When you’re done, your screen  should look like this and you should be working under the Music Tools option.

3. Add more clips, photos, or even your story cover. Like for example, this clip you also wanted to use is in another movie, then just add it and slice slice until you got everything.

When you’re satisfied and have all you needed, you can now head on to the story telling proper.

4. Add the captions.

5. Click Visual effects and add some glamour to your clips.

6. Make transitions. Transitions are like entrance effect seen when switching one clip to another. It’s like the design of the door leading you to the next room. To do this, click on Animations. Also, included in this option are some effects you can apply to the clips, like for example, zoom it to the left or right, make it move from top to bottom, etc.

7. When you’re finished, click the Home button again and save your video! That’s it! You’re done and ready to display your trailer for all to see. 【ツ】

εїз Thank you for reading!!  Until next time! Just tell me what you guys want me to make a blog about. εїз

7 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Trailers (My Wattpad Diary 4)

  1. Hey, thanks for posting this info. Very helpful. But how do you get the movie clips for a trailer? I have windows movie maker and I know my theme and all that… I just have no idea how to get clips to play with and music. How did you get such awesome material w/o any copyright problems?

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting to make a trailer for sometime but every set of ‘instructions’ I read leaves me more confused! This really looks like it will help me actually make my book trailer a reality. Thank you again! ❤

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