The Very First Flower!!!

Forgive my excessive use of exclamation marks. Okay, so the other day, I was so excited when I saw my first successfully planted seed now turned plant had its very own flower. Being so ecstatic about it, I asked my brother, whose hobby was photography, to take a picture so that I could keep it in my memory forever! Yes, I’m blabbing forever now. That’s how stoked I am about it.

And he agreed, after I pressed him some more. So I was busy sorting out the newly formed buds and putting them in their own pots while he was taking pictures. Never had I ever thought that he left it afloat in a container filled with water so that he could have a nice background. The next thing I knew was that he was holding my poor baby in his hands and handing it to me – fresh from being drowned. My brother also has his own share of ‘creative’ and clearly dangerous ideas. It was a good thing that the photo turned out great, as you can see above. So I forgave him right after seeing it. And my baby is okay so no harm done.

And today, it fell off from the plant and was now pressed in my devotional book. I’m this sentimental kind of person. I want to remember it forever! Yes, forever! Haha!

Oh, and that’s my favorite devotional book. The title is Just for Today by Mr. Harold J. Sala. And it was also my brother who gave it to me several years ago for my birthday. I’m still reading it until today. It’s a heart-changing book and very inspiring. Highly commendable.

And if you noticed, the post it where I jotted the ideas for the next chapter of Getting It Straight was also there. If you can read it, you can have a rough idea what the next chapter will be about.

So that ends my excitement about my balsam’s first ever flower. One of the things that I’ll keep in my memory for long. Ciao! Ciao! And like Fiona, I’ll add xoxo for all of you. πŸ™‚

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