“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

~Walt Disney Company, Mulan

Ever met someone who keeps on pushing you down? People who practically don’t know your life worth of story ends up judging you like they know everything? Or some who are so mean that they can’t help but spread their expertise around?

And boy, don’t we get tired of having them around. They’re like your own supply of discouragements. Just by living, we meet them. And yes, most of the time, they do come uninvited.

So how to deal with them? For me, ignoring works most of the time. Respecting their opinion. Understanding that we don’t agree with things all the time. Keeping in mind the positive things instead.

But there are things you should always remember as you’re in the middle of ignoring their words. One, don’t let them  make you miserable. You know better about what happened than to let a certain unwanted commentary ruin the whole thing. Two, don’t let them break you. Just don’t let them. For yourself, for all that’s worth, be strong and keep standing. And three, erase them from your thoughts. Hearing them once is enough. They don’t need to define who you are, what you are capable of, and what you can do. You do that.

But if too much and they’re beginning to hurt people I love, confrontation comes along. I did that a few times. When they crossed the line. Sometimes, they need to hear a piece of your mind, a certain thought that they never considered before saying all those negative things. Picking a fight is not always the answer. But at times, standing up for yourself is needed.

I was watching Pretty Little Liars a few weeks ago and I liked this phrase that Hanna said, “You don’t know the Biebs, and you don’t understand the Biebs… or his hair”. I’m no JB fan but I think she’s right. That we should always think first before judging a person. Don’t be too quick to say insulting things. I mean look at yourself first. If that same thing will be said to you, are you sure you have a positive answer to it?

Thinking about mean people and why they’re like that,


One thought on “Beautiful

  1. This post is perfect!
    It’s amazing how mean people aren’t extinct yet… the cycle just keeps going, doesn’t it? 😛
    Love the flower and the quote! ❤

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