For the Love of Writing

There are times when I just want to get all these feelings out. Like right now, I’m itching to do it. But I’d rather not say them and hurt someone. That, I promised myself. Hurting someone intentionally is such a sad thing. Ans so I told myself that I’d channel my feelings differently, in a more productive way. I’m not running away from it or avoiding conflict. I’m letting my emotions subside and look at things better when I’m less angry.

And instead of going around and creating dramas, I’d rather write about it. In writing, I’m given the chance to think about things, see the bigger picture, feel emotions from all sides, and realize that it’s not just me and my story, that there’s everyone else and their story. That things don’t revolve around me all the time. Most of the time, I’m only a part of it.

My stories are bits and pieces of my diaries. The characters in my book show traits that I myself have, weaknesses I’m battling, and struggles that I’m going through. Out in the open, as if people are reading my secret journal, I surely feel vulnerable. But more so, I’m also getting brave. I’m learning to face things as it is, stop denying the truth, and admit what I have, what I don’t, what I’m capable of, and what I would never be able to do. That’s why I would probably love writing to the moon and back. It’s showing me different things day by day.


While writing the ending of Getting It Straight,


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