Watty Awards 2012

I’m pretty sure I was speechless for the first hour after I found out that GIS won Mystery/Suspense Most Popular and LY won Best Cover. I couldn’t believe it! We won, guys! We did it! Hooray for Fiona and KN! Hooray for Reese and Jace!

Last year, I was also one of the finalists, but I didn’t make it. Second place. But this time, it happened. It happened! Surreal!! And I got all of you to thank. You guys are my daily dose of encouragement, people who brighten up my day whenever I feel down. I’m so blessed to have met you all. I wouldn’t be a writer if not for my dearest readers who I really love from the moon and back.

And now, just thinking about it, having my stories in the list of winners, it still feels like that… that! Can’t find the words. Just that. So happy! This is an early birthday gift for me. I’ll never forget this. So what else can I say? More stories to come? Love you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! xoxo





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