The Story of a Frustrated Artist(?)

When I was around twelve to fifteen, I was fascinated by the fact that some of my classmates could draw. Really, really well. So I thought everyone could do it with enough practice. Picking up the colored pencils that my father sent us and some old and unused sketchpad, I started to practice. I wanna show you the things I came up with:

IMG_9630           IMG_9631

IMG_9632 IMG_9634

IMG_9649 IMG_9645

IMG_9635  IMG_9628


IMG_9642 IMG_9646

❤❤❤My Favorite Couple❤❤❤


   ❤❤❤ My Ultimate Crush ❤❤❤

But before you get impressed with my ‘artistic’ skills, you have to see my cheat-boards:


See? See how I traced it to my sketchpad. Yup, that’s me trying. Really, really trying. But some things are meant to be inborn. A talent. God-given gift. And I really do adore people who can sketch, draw, and do artistic things.

LIKE the Masked Guy from Getting It Straight!!! *wink* *wink*

And so let’s welcome GETTING IT STRAIGHT in paperback this April, 2013.

getting it straight

Visit my Wattpad page for Contest Info:

Stay tuned for the release date:


3 thoughts on “The Story of a Frustrated Artist(?)

  1. Aaawwww ako naman when I was a kid I always drew cartoons, manga, anime like Sailormoon and dragon ball Z hahaha but Naiinggit ako sa mga batang magaling sa math. Hahaha

    But seriously, you are so good naman eh. I think everyone can really draw when they put their minds into it.

    And OMGG that cover is sooooo beautiful! 🙂 one of these days, oorderin ko yang GIS in paperback. Sayang nga lang, walang autograph mo. 🙂


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