Nobody ever told me… (Mt. Batulao)

…that mountain hiking would be hard.

So yesterday, my batchmates and friends from high school went on a hiking trip for our mini-reunion. Being a nature lover, I thought why not? I was quite excited, actually. And I’m always the one on the go. But never ever did it occur to me that we were going to hike for real. Like for real.

My initial thought about hiking was walking up and down the mountain with a slightly sloping ground at both sides to which you could roll over to and come out unharmed if ever you would fall.



And boy was I so wrong about it. And the trail we went to was for beginners!

P1100907 P1100985

I swear, for me, it was already difficult. We climbed up rocks; slid on slopes that were so grainy that you could easily slide down and fall off the cliff right beside you and ย just a hand away from where you were and on both sides to make it even more terrifying; used ropes to get up and down some parts without a harness and still a cliff you could fall down to; and more or less risked our lives along the process. And to go to camp 10 is to die for or fall off the cliff for or something like that. Looking at it at first, I never thought it was possible to get up there, past there, and safe home.


And thank God we came out unharmed.

But despite that, the trip was great. It might be the best trip I went to for so long.

The scenery was breath-taking.

P1100917 P1100993 P1100915

The weather was to die for.

My friends were the best of the kind to hang out with. Sure, there were really times when I thought we were going to die for real. Third camp to the last, I thought it was the end. I was shaking badly that it didn’t do me any good. I’m sure everyone else was silently praying the whole time we were on the verge of life and death. ย And there was never a dull moment until we were already on our way back home, and everybody was already sleeping in the van.

And later that night, I had scary thoughts before sleeping. It came back to me in a flashback, everything we’d been through. And I can’t help but say thank you again and again. And I don’t think you’ll ever see me going on a hiking trip again. Not on a trail like that.

And one thing I realized, it is true when they said that you’ll always remember the moments you spend with someone, especially if you’re in a life and death situation together. I’d never forget them or yesterday. I’m pretty sure I won’t. ๐Ÿ™‚



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