Wattpad Meetup in Manila 2013

Wattpad Meetup 2013 in Manila!


So many Wattpadders attended the event. It was fun. The time was short, again. Nothing new about that. When you’re having fun, it’s only normal that the time will always be not enough. Everyone was so loud and passionate. I felt proud for our Filipino writers who made it to the limelight. Thank you for keeping the Filipino literature alive. Thank you so much for writing for the teens of this time. I could only wish we also had you back then, during those times when we still had snot all over our face haha. Or maybe that was such a long time ago. Maybe when we still had pimples all over our face. Wait, I still have that. Well, you get the idea. To make it short, roughly five years ago and back. You guys are such a gem to this generation. Keep up the good work!

My friend and I managed to snap a few pictures during the event.


Here’s yours truly with Wattpad’s ALLEN LAU!! I was so thrilled to see him here in Manila.


And here’s a pic and autograph! with Louisse Carreon or fallenbabybubu, author of A and D. I’m always a fan.


IMG_3032            IMG_3029[1]

And of course, we managed to grab some freebies before going home. Yay!

Had a great time yesterday!

We even took a pic with Doraemon!


So fun.. :))

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