Like Yesterday Giveaway 2015

Like Yesterday Giveaway 2015

Open to all Like Yesterday readers, wherever you are (or wherever the postman could reach). I will be giving away a signed copy of the book and personalized polymer clay keychains (pics to follow).

There are two categories. One is for showing your creative side. The other is a raffle draw.

p.s. Lots of details on my Facebook page. It’s easier to post there. Add me if you want. Just search for Freesia Lockheart.




Anything and everything under the sun. Your call! It only needs to be related to Like Yesterday. It’s time to show your love for the story. A maximum of two (2) entries per person. For example, you could do a one shot story and a fan art. Or you could sing a song and do a one shot. Or two fan arts. Sing two songs from the book if you feel like singing. Mix and match.

  1. Writing Contest (One shots, poems, songs, etc.)
    • Must be your own work
    • Uploaded on Wattpad
    • Tagged as #likeyesterdaygiveaway
    • Include the link in your email entry
    • ***If you want to make the entry private or it has a personal touch to it that you can’t share publicly, just indicate it in your email.
  2. Original Fan arts (Memes, illustrations, favorite quotes, etc.)
    • Must be your own work
    • Send via email
  3. Creative Shots (let your inner photographer shine)
    • Must be your own work
    • Send via email
    • ***You could include explanation if you feel like it’s necessary. Like how the picture is related to Like Yesterday. Just make sure that the picture is yours.
  4. Video Making (short film, dance number if you want hahaha, etc.)
    • Must be your own work
    • Send via email (link or file)
  5. Words and You
    • Select a favorite quote from the book and share what it means to you or how it relates to your life/a scenario in your life.
    • Send via email.
  6. Create a Melody
    • Place a melody to one of the songs included in the book. Either just sing it (acapella) or use a musical accompaniment. Or even just create a melody for the the song(s).
    • Upload it on Youtube or SoundCloud
    • Send the link via email or attach a copy to the email
  7. Do It
    • Have other ways to show your creativity? Feel free to do anything you could think of on how to express your love for the book. Surprise me.

Criteria for judging: My thoughts and judgment. There are no definite criteria. I will pick the ones I like the most, as simple as that. And I might or might not ask the opinion of a few people who are not related or have joined the contest. I also wouldn’t be explaining why I’d chosen what I would choose. 🙂

Number of Winners for BE CREATIVE: Two (2)

***Note: This may vary later on. Let me see the number of entries first.



Official hashtag: #LikeYesterdayGiveaway

  1. Twitter
    • Follow me on Twitter (reesiaockheart)
    • Favorite the pinned tweet (1 entry)
    • Retweet the pinned tweet (1 entry)
    • Leave a comment below the pinned tweet (1 entry) ***Note: Only one entry per person. No matter how many comments you leave, it will only be counted as one. But feel free to leave as many comments as you like. Chat with each other. Whatever it is you want to do. 😀
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
    • Follow me on Instagram (reesiaockheart)
    • Like the picture (1 entry)
    • Leave a comment (1 entry) ***Note: Only one entry per person. No matter how many comments you leave, it will only be counted as one. But feel free to leave as many comments as you like. Chat with each other. Whatever it is you want to do. 😀

There will be a legit raffle draw. For every verified entry, I will create a raffle coupon with your name. Exciting hahaha.

If you do all these (Twitter, Insta and FB), you could actually have eight entries. Just don’t forget to indicate all of them in your email to me. Just to let me know/verify that you are actually joining the promo/giveaway and not just liking the post.

Number of Winners for RAFFLE DRAW: Two (2)


How to Officially Join the Contest:

  1. Send me an email ( with the following information:
    • Full name: Freesia Lockheart
    • Email address:
    • Wattpad username (if any): crossroad
  1. Verify the entries you made:
      • Twitter
        • Username: reesiaockheart (your username)
        • Entries: Favorite, Retweet, Comment (the entries you’ve made)
        • ***Note: Entries will only be counted if you are following me.
      • Facebook
        • Name: Freesia Lockheart (your Facebook name)
        • Entries: Like, Share, Comment (the entries you’ve made)
      • Instagram
        • Username: reesiaockheart (your username)
        • Entries: Like, Comment (the entries you’ve made)
        • ***Note: Entries will only be counted if you are following me.                               

Please indicate everything. I will check it via the entries stated.

If you will join the RAFFLE DRAW using Twitter and Instagram, entries will only be counted if you are following me. For Facebook entries, you could add me or you could just like the post and comment and share. I will make the post Public. Also, when you share it, don’t forget to do it publicly, so that I could see it and verify it. Then don’t forget to change back your setting after. Just a friendly reminder.

If you decide to make another entry but you’ve already sent an email, send me another email to verify the addition. Please use only one email address. No cancellations. Just addition of entry if still eligible. Yes, I repeat, no do-over. What you first send me will be counted as your entry.

I will only count your entries if done as stated above. I will send a verification email for all entries that are accepted. It goes like this:

Congratulations! Thanks for joining. 😄

I will try my best to accommodate every question. But kindly read all the mechanics first. Thank you.

CONTEST ENDS ON: November 10, 2015. So on your mark… get set… and go! 😁


Winners will be receiving an email from me on November 13, 2015. I will be asking for your mailing details. 😊

AND OF COURSE, you could join in both categories (BE CREATIVE and RAFFLE DRAW), but you could only win in one. I will do the RAFFLE DRAW first. So if you win in the RAFFLE DRAW, you’re already a winner and your entry for BE CREATIVE will be cancelled out to give chance to others.

REMINDERS: The most important part of this contest is that you send a participation email to as indicated above. Even if you like and share and tweet, if you don’t follow the mechanics, it won’t count. Also, a maximum of two (2) entries for BE CREATIVE. For RAFFLE DRAW, you could do all eight of them or how many it is that you like. Just indicate so in your email. 😊


I’m still thinking whether or not to share the fanarts, creative shots, or whatever you guys will come up with later on. I might. If you’d rather not let me share it, kindly indicate it in your email to me. Like: Freesia, for your eyes only. Or things like that hahaha.

Also, if I will announce the winners of BE CREATIVE publicly. It depends, really. But for sure, at least four people will be receiving an email from me, asking for their mailing details. Well, unless nobody would participate in the BE CREATIVE category hahaha. Then there would only be two from the raffle. But think about it, if only one or two of you will join in the BE CREATIVE category, then you instantly win the giveaways. Anyway, this is just for fun and also as a way of me saying thank you for all the support you’ve given me throughout the years.

If you have any questions, just ask away. 😁

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