Happy New Year!

For you,
Before this year ends, let me say a heartfelt thank you for everything you’ve done. For all the little magics. Everytime you add my story to your library and read it when you have the time. For all those sleepless nights you spent to finish all the chapters. For all your patience. For all those votes. For every time you spend typing your comments. For those messages that made me cry because you have no idea how much you’ve touched my heart.
Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams. For those who grabbed a copy of our Like Yesterday in the bookstores. Thanks for all of you who treasure my stories the way I treasure them. For your emails. For sharing your personal stories with me. For letting me in your life. For being there and cheering me on. For all those years that we’ve been together, story by story. How, when I see your username in my inbox, I’ll always smile and feel so grateful that after how many years, I still see your comment.
I always wondered why you never gave up on me, especially during those times when I felt like I never did anything right. So with each day, I remember your kindness and push myself a little more. You teach me how to persevere. You teach me how to be strong. You teach me how to sing bakers gonna bake with every hate coming my way. You teach me how to stand up for myself, because I know you’ll always be there by my side no matter what. If I mess up; if I fail; if I become my worst nightmare, somehow, it’s reassuring to think that there are a few of you who would never leave. Even if I only see 20 reads in my stories, if they’re by my favorite people in the world, I’ll still be overjoyed. Thanks for this little joy you give me. And for all these things and more, I am very grateful.
Here’s to more stories to come. Here’s to more laughs. Here’s to us working hard and fulfilling all of our dreams. Have a Happy New Year! May 2016 be wonderful to all of us. God bless.
love lots,

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