💛7: My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

by Ji Su-Hyun


Genre: Chick Lit/Romance

This is my favorite book from Kimchi Press. 😊

Freesia’s Rating: 💛💛💛💛💛

This book in five random words…

💛 Kilig

💛 Cakes

💛 Chaebol

💛 Kdrama

💛 Contract

Why I think you should read this book…

💛 If you love the Kdrama, you’ll love the this book, for sure!

💛 It was such a fun read.

What I love about this book…

💛 Sam Soon! Her sentiments about herself, love, family, and life in general are so easy to relate to.

💛 The introduction. 😂

“A woman over 30 is more likely to get hit by an A-bomb than find a man.”

-from the movie Keiner Liebt Mich (Nobody Loves Me)

Favorite quote from the book…

This is actually the one that got me laughing:

“After two years, our bodies start to produce antibodies against love.”

Book Description:

Isn’t it that when you’re in love, cakes begin to be filled with all the things you could possibly know off? Things such as sweetness, softness, lightness, bitterness, and depth?

The third daughter of a mill owner, Sam Soon is a patissier who aspires to bake cakes that are as delicious as her father’s rice cakes. She’s the kind of woman who despite feeling restless and heartbroken would wake up at dawn, stand in front of the oven, and bake sweet-smelling bread. She’s relieved and amazed that her heart has not turned stone cold yet in spite of her heartaches and sadness.

Meanwhile, Do Yeong is the worst guy to be on a blind date with. Although he’s a good piano player and a good kisser, he’s a pessimist when it comes to love. He thinks he’ll never be happy again after his brother died and his first love left him (although he still patiently waits for the latter’s return).

After a chance encounter, Sam Soon and Do Yeong end up working together and striking an unlikely deal that involves him pretending to be her date. He’s far from being attracted to her while she can’t stand him. But why does Do Yeong feel totally uneasy whenever Sam soon’s not around?

Read through the pages and fill your appetite with Sam Soon’s tasty tale of love and misadventures.

(from: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23308763-my-name-is-kim-sam-soon)



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