About ME

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freesia lockheart

Freesia Lockheart lives in one sunny island, in front of a computer, and probably checking the home page of her favorite sites.

She loves watching movies, reading books, going out with her friends, and enjoying life as it is. She’s fond of creating stories in her head, and at times, writing them down as well.

You can also email her at freesialockheart@gmail.com.

She’d love to hear from you.


11 thoughts on “About ME

  1. hey i read your thingy about how to get reads on wattpad, but where it was supposed to say something like featured clubs is now says specialty club so eh… has it changed or something… what do i do

  2. Hey. I read your story on wattpad and then decided to check your blog. I’ve been considering for a while,to open up my own blog but I don’t think il always have time to post. I don’t know anyway. Just welcome alright and yeah I noticed you are a Christian,a nice common ground btw us. Anyway take care!

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