Your Memories

The words you said to me before you left,
They’re all scattered in my dreams,
And before I awake, I pick them up,
Placing them in a jar that contains,
All our long-forgotten memories.


Maybe one day, she would tell us what she felt,

During those moments when her lips were sealed,

Maybe one day, she would tell him what she truly feels,

In the silence that no one else could hear.


For now, she’s trying to understand herself,

Taking it one step after another,

Always scared to try, but she sees courage in his eyes,

It’s blind hope, she says, yet she still tries.


She runs for a while and then takes it slow,

A tease if you may call it, but these are her honest words,

Unsure, but she’s hoping he will understand,

This mess that she is sometimes.


There are soft whispers for all the love she has for him,

Unspoken, in her world where they crash and disappear,

As fate works its magic and stirs their hearts,

While destiny dances beneath the stars.




Dreams come true, in different places and time.

It’s never exclusive, not just here or there.

If you believe that it will happen, if you work hard,

You’ll see it one day, more closer than a glance.

Time and circumstances are two things,

That convinces us that this is really our dream, all through the years.

There’s nothing impossible, no matter what you think.

Nothing just probable, not if you believe.

I say, have faith. There are miracles everywhere.

You might say it’s never going to land in your hands,

But I say it might just will, that you’ll never know.





And p.s. I love the Keds Bravehearts campaign. :))